Penrith Spectacles

Penrith Spectacles is an optometrist and optical prescription dispenser. We use quality lenses from Zeiss and other manufacturers to craft a vision solution for your needs.


We believe that every person who requires optical assistance should be understood completely, by learning what they use they eyes for, the work they do, their hobbies, lifestyle, wants and needs.

We do not simply sell glasses and contact lenses; we craft the best possible solutions for you.

Penrith Spectacles is the home of the of the Zeiss i.Profiler, a truly advanced technological marvel that measures your eye’s optics to an incredible level of precision.

More than that, in conjunction with Zeiss, we can use the output from the i.Profiler, along with more conventional eye test results, precision measurements of the individualised fitting of your chosen frame, and an evaluation of your visual needs to custom design the best possible lens for you.

John Molloy, Optometrist. Mark Hanna, Optical dispenser.