Spectacles or contacts?

Mark holding specs towards viewerWhen an optometrist (whether John or someone else) gives you a prescription to help you see better, you have a choice. Specs or contacts? (Or, for a small number of people, laser surgery.)

How do you choose?

Contact lenses are for people who are motivated enough to learn and adapt to them. You need to have them fitted professionally. And you need to keep to wearing schedules, cleaning procedures and replacement cycles. They involve a serious commitment.

Spectacles can be a lot simpler to wear and manage. And the frames we have in store can make you look fantastic! Of course, there is nothing wrong with having both, wearing glasses most of the time, and contacts on special or sporting occasions.

Lens types and technologies

Ask us about the differences between single vision lenses, bifocals and trifocals, and progressive lenses.

You might also like to ask about photochromic (automatically darkening) lenses and anti- reflective lenses that can reduce glare, reflected light and night ‘ghosting’.