Contact Lenses


Most contact lenses are disposable. Disposable lenses are available for long sightedness, short sightedness, astigmatism, and even multifocals.


Wear them once, then throw them away. Convenient, safe sterile, and every day you have a new lens!


Use the same lens for 30 days. You have to keep the lenses clean and disinfected, and store them correctly, but they are cheaper than daily disposables, and available in a larger range of prescriptions (especially for astigmatism)


Almost any prescription can be made in either soft or rigid gas permeable (hard) contact lenses. If you have a difficult prescription, or a more unusual eye problem, custom made lenses may be for you.

Novelty lenses

Just want to look a bit different? we have a wide range of novelty contact lenses. These are all TGA approved, but do require healthy eyes and the ability to insert and remove them.